Hi! I’m Shawna Melbourn and I am a non-diet Registered Dietitian, an Approved Supervisor through the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (CEDRD-S), and I am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

I have walked alongside many individuals and families while they take the courageous steps towards recovery from an eating disorder. My approach is deeply rooted in a non-diet, compassionate approach, while honouring the emotional experience of recovery and without judgement.

With my almost 15 years of dedicating my career to this vulnerable and rewarding population, I developed an online training course for Registered Dietitians and other healthcare providers to learn these valuable and caring tools. In ED for RDs: Eating Disorder EDucation for Registered Dietitians online courses, I will share my years of training, clinical experience from both hospital and private practice and offer a safe place to gather non-diet, evidence-based practical knowledge.

Currently, I have the privilege of working alongside a team of compassionate and caring psychologists and Dietitian in my private practice within Anchor Psychological Services in Ottawa, Canada. Our team specializes in supporting and nurturing recovery from eating disorders, disordered eating and chronic dieting.

Shawna realized over the years of mentoring many Dietitians, interns and other healthcare practitioners that there was a gap. A gap in knowledge, comfort, and level of understanding about eating disorders that needed to be filled. Shawna felt a very strong drive to help other Dietitians learn how to support their clients through nutrition and emotional well-being.  

Shawna believes that Dietitians are the most important healthcare professional when it comes to detecting eating challenges. We can play an integral role in providing a safe, compassionate and informed place to help our clients take the very first steps towards a peaceful relationship with food and body. 

Shawna will share her years of training, clinical experience from both hospital and private practice, and expert, practical knowledge in this very unique online course dedicated to Registered Dietitians.   

“Stigma will only shut the door for those people in need of help. Let’s together, as a profession, open these doors and stop the silence of this damaging and deadly disorder.”

– Shawna Melbourn, RD, CEDRD-S
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
Creator and Founder of ED for RDs: Eating Disorder EDucation for Registered Dietitians